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Module 1 Information

You must provide all of the following valid documents:

· Your driving licence with the correct provisional entitlement - both the photo card and counterpart document or a valid UK passport to support a paper licence

· Your compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate (DL196)

· Your motorcycle theory test certificate

You are free from having to give CBT and theory test certificates if you:

· Hold a full moped licence gained by passing a moped test or accelerated access after 1 December 1990, and wish to upgrade to a full motorcycle licence

· Already hold a full motorcycle licence and wish to upgrade it

Module one includes the following specified manoeuvres and generally takes around 20 minutes to complete:

· Wheeling the machine and using the stand

· Doing a slalom and figure of eight

· Cornering, hazard avoidance and controlled stop

· U-turn

· A slow ride

· The emergency stop

There is a minimum speed requirement of 50 kilometres per hour (approximately 32 miles per hour) for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises.

At the end of module one, the examiner will give you the result and feedback. If you passed, you’ll receive your module one pass certificate.

Module 2 Information

For module two you must produce your module one pass certificate, and all the documents that you had to present at the module one test. Module two is the on-road module and typically takes around 40 minutes.

This module includes the:

· Eyesight test

· Safety and balance questions

· Road riding element that will cover a variety of road and traffic conditions

· Independent riding

· You’ll be asked to carry out:

· Normal stops

· An angle start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle)

· A hill start (where possible)

The examiner will normally follow you on a motorcycle, using a radio to give you directions.

You can download a list of all the safety and balance questions you could be asked by the examiner.

At the end of module two, the examiner will give you the result and feedback. If you pass, the examiner will explain to you how to change your provisional licence into a full licence.