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Bookyourmotorcycletestonline.co.uk is not affiliated or associated with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or any other government department, and you can apply direct via www.gov.uk. Our prices include the standard cost of a theory test of £23 payable to the DVSA, and our additional £20.99 service fee, which includes re-tests upto 3 times T&C apply .
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Take some of the stress out of learning to ride a motorbike by allowing Book Your Motorcycle Test Online to help you through the process. From the Highway Code and learning materials to booking the final test and beyond, we're here to support and guide you to becoming a qualified motorcyclist. So when it comes to booking your motorcycle theory test and practical exam, let us do all the hard work for you!

At Book Your Motorcycle Test Online, we understand that the first steps of passing your motorcycle test can be a little bewildering, which is why our online shop and blog provide materials and advice. With CDs, books and some great articles, we are here to put you on the 'road' to success with your motorcycle theory test.

Master the Highway Code, learn your hand signals, and get to grips with hazard perception with a little help from us. And when you think you might be ready, book your motorcycle theory test with our online booking form. We cover test centres all over the UK, and can help find the cheapest and best centre near you. We even give you a free retest if you don't quite pass (40/50 correct). Once you've passed your motorcycle theory test, Book Your Motorcycle Test Online can also help you arrange both modules of your practical exam. Simply fill out our quick and easy form and we'll do the rest for you! All you need to do is get the certificate.

Module 1 Information

To gain module 1 of the motorcycle test you will need to show specific documentation and complete certain manoeuvres.
Documentation Required

1. Your valid driving licence, which must show the correct provisional entitlement. You will need to present EITHER the photocard and paper counterpart document OR a valid UK passport and an old style paper licence.

2. Your valid compulsory basic training (CBT) certificate (DL196)

3. Your valid motorcycle theory test certificate

In certain cases you are exempt from needing to provide CBT and theory test certificates:
i) If you hold a full moped licence gained after 1st December 1990, by passing a moped test or accelerated access; and now wish to upgrade to a full motorcycle licence.
ii) If you would like to upgrade a current full motorcycle licence.
The Manoeuvres
- Wheeling the machine and using the stand
- Doing a slalom and figure of eight
- Cornering, hazard avoidance and controlled stop
- U-turn
- A slow ride
- The emergency stop

You must remember that speed is of the essence and there is a minimum requirement of 50km/hr (roughly 32 mph) for the hazard avoidance and emergency stop exercises.

The Process
The practical sessions takes place in a specific motorcycle riding area, although you will be asked to ride as if you are on the open roads; and usually lasts about 20 minutes. When the manoeuvres are over you will be given your results and feedback by the examiner.
If you have passed - Congratulations! - you will receive your Module 1 pass certificate.

Module 2 Information


To gain module 2 of the motorcycle test you will need to show the specific documentation required for module 1 (driving licence, CBT and theory test certificates) plus your module 1 pass certificate, and complete the following:

Eyesight Test
You will be asked to read a car number plate from a distance of approximately 20m.
Safety and Balance Questions

You will be asked to answer two safety questions. A download of possible questions can be found on the Gov Website.

Road Riding
This will involve independent riding in a variety of road and traffic conditions. Specific things you will be asked to do are:

1. Normal stops
2. An angle start (pulling out from behind a parked vehicle)
3. A hill start (if the area allows)

The Process

- The module 2 practical sessions take place on open roads.
- The examiner will communicate with you through a radio set - giving directions and instructions.
- He/She will usually follow on a motorcycle. It will last about 40 minutes.
- When the manoeuvres are over you will be given your results and feedback by the examiner.

If you have passed - Congratulations! - you will receive your Module 2 pass certificate and details of how to change your provisional licence into a full one.