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Bookyourmotorcycletestonline.co.uk is not affiliated or associated with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or any other government department, and you can apply direct via www.gov.uk. Our prices include the standard cost of a theory test of £23 payable to the DVSA, and our additional £20.99 service fee, which includes re-tests upto 3 times T&C apply .
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Motorcycle Module 2

Module 2 of any driving theory test is always a hazard awareness assessment which focuses on your ability to identify growing and immediate hazards on the road.

This test immediately follows your DVSA Module 1 booking, but only if you have passed the first part.

Motorcycle module 2 is totally computer based. The computer will show you a realistic driving image and you must identify the risk in the picture by clicking on it.

On most pictures there will be only one risk, but one image will have two hazards to spot.

The key to passing motorcycle module 2 is practice - not only in identifying the hazards themselves but also in clicking on them within the time limit.

But don't worry, our range of theory test kits will get you fully prepared. Then you can book your motorcycle test online and get ready for the ride of your life.


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