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Bookyourmotorcycletestonline.co.uk is not affiliated or associated with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency or any other government department, and you can apply direct via www.gov.uk. Our prices include the standard cost of a theory test of £23 payable to the DVSA, and our additional £20.99 service fee, which includes re-tests upto 3 times T&C apply .
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DSA Bike Test

Safety on the road should be the most important priority for every driver or rider. Each of us want to enter the streets with his/her car or motorcycle without any fear of irresponsible drivers,

who do not care about the speed limits and other traffic system rules.

Respecting the traffic system and its rules is crucially important to keep safety on the roads.

Perfect knowledge of that system cannot be learned in a minute. For each driver of a car and rider of a motorcycle, there is need to pass theoretical tests according to driving license course. On the other hand, human is used to forget some things and the best way how to learn something is to repeat it.

Security on the streets and roads should be learned as for car drivers, so as for motorcycle riders.

And a motorcycle rider is the special group of people, whose riding machines are sometimes more dangerous on the roads than cars. Motorcycle riding is more exciting,

you feel more adrenaline and riders are known for high speeds on their bikes and irresponsible rides. Sometimes it can be caused by a low knowledge of the traffic rules.

It is very important to have on the roads educated and responsible drivers, especially motorcyclists.

Theoretical driving tests,

which can be booked online is a great way how to improve knowledge of motorbike riders and how to prepare all of them to pass their practical exams. It is very easy just to fill out the form of the signing for booking theory driving test. British website also offers booking of practical driving tests.

You can find there everything from booking and signing in the course up to signing in to final exams. At disposal, there are all of the necessary tests, to pass the final exam and to improve your knowledge of the traffic system.

Driving theory text books are perfect learning aids for you. We can mention for example books like Complete Motorcycle Theory and Hazard Perception tests in edition of the year 2013 and 2014; Official DVSA Complete Theory Test Kit, or Official DSA Biker Pack in edition of the year 2013. More useful for some riders of motorcycles could be DVD´s with special visual help to see particular situation right in the traffic.

It helps to rider see a concrete situation and to learn that person how should behave in the concrete situation. Mentioned can be DVD called The Official DSA Theory Test for Motorcyclists Book, in edition of the year 2013, or The Biker Pack Theory Test and Better Biking, edition 2013, as well.

Test centers are covering the whole United Kingdom and it is very easy to contact them, because of highly professional customer service, which is always ready to help you with your needs and requirements.

If you are interested into motorcycle riding and you would like to take an theory test and afterwards pass the exam, do not hesitate to book your online theory test for the best price. You will obtain great knowledge of traffic system and its rules.

Then driving and riding on the roads will be much more safer, when there will be more responsible and educated drivers. 


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